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Finding high-quality prospects, data enrichment, copywriting, follow-ups, reporting... Luna does it all. The only thing you have to do is approve or deny.

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All-in-one outbound solution

Get new high-quality leads
every day

Luna suggests new leads to fill the pipeline with every day. Based on your feedback, the suggestions get better and better (neural network effect).

Prospects that perfectly match your proposition
Connect with decision makers via LinkedIn or E-mail
100% verified profiles

Send your prospects the personal message they deserve

Luna does the copywriting for you. Luna looks at the prospect's website so that everyone is approached in a personal way. What are you waiting for? Start conversations that get replies.

The only outbound tool that approaches your prospects in a personalized way
Based on a language model with 175 billion parameters
All you have to do is approve, deny or modify the suggestions Luna makes

Automate your follow-ups

Timing is everything. Based on previous activities, Luna reminds you to follow-up. Close more deals by engaging with your leads across multiple channels.

Luna continues to follow up until the prospect responds
Based on proven follow-up methodologies
Stay up to date on responses by using Luna's inbox

Seamlessly integrates with the tools you love

Native integrations with Hubspot and Pipedrive. Hook up your favorite CRM tool with Luna and sync your entire sales team in seconds.

Keep track of LinkedIn and email conversations in your CRM system
Every lead you approve is directly entered into your CRM-system
Your pipeline/dealflow is automatically updated as soon as someone responds
* No creditcard required. You can cancel your plan anytime.
Why our customers trust us

50+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews

I've been using Luna for a couple of weeks now and I cannot believe what a difference it has made to my work. It's so easy to use and gives me great leads. I get more done in less time because I no longer have to do research on prospects. Plus, Luna helps me remember when to follow up with a prospect.
Robert Sullivan
Founder of a content marketing agency
I am so happy with Luna. It was the first LinkedIn automation tool I found which is actually safe and where I’m in charge. I've finally started seeing the leads come in, which is great. It's very easy to use too!
Arthur Shaw
Founder of a consulting firm
I've been using Luna for over 6 weeks now and it's the best outbound tool I know of. It helps me to get in touch with all the right people, remind me when I need to follow-up, and fill my pipeline with new leads every day.
James Taylor
Founder of a SaaS company
An investment that pays off immediately
Lifetime deal
$150 $100 per seat, p/m
Price goes up to $150 on August 1
Price goes up to $150 on August 1
Every day, new high-quality leads to reach out to
The only outbound tool that approaches your prospects in a personalized way
Get suggestions of when to follow up with your prospects
Integrate Luna with your favorite CRM-system
Extensive reports so you’re always aware of your targets
No need for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, data enrichment tools, copywriters or other automation tools anymore
* No creditcard required. You can cancel your plan anytime.

The safety of your accounts is our priority number 1

LinkedIn new limitations taking a strong stance against spam. Luna doesn't send anything to anyone from your email or LinkedIn without your explicit permission. Sending personalized messages has never been more important.

Luna only sends messages with your explicit permission
Luna adheres to the limits of LinkedIn
Luna sends messages at random moments in time and using a dedicated VPN for location and IP address
Needless to say, your login details are encrypted
* No creditcard required. You can cancel your plan anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
Take a look at our FAQ or send us a chat. We are always happy to help you!

Which languages does Luna support?

Every language you can imagine : )

How does Luna find my leads?

During the onboarding process, Luna will ask you a couple of questions. These questions will give Luna a head start when finding your leads. Luna has an extensive database with millions of leads. Based on your input, Luna starts searching for the leads that would fit you and your company best and proposes them in the dashboard.

You can already see leads appearing after finishing the onboarding process! And the best part is that Luna gets smarter with every interaction. Every time you approve/deny a lead, Luna learns from this. By training Luna, the quality of your leads will only get better!

Is Luna safe to use?

When using Luna, you can give us access to your email- and LinkedIn account. This is a big responsibility, one that we at Luna are well aware of. That's why we've spent most of our development time ensuring the reliability and safety of your accounts. Luna sends messages at random moments in time and using a dedicated VPN for location and IP address. Luna's here to give your sales a boost in the long term, that's why we're making sure nothing will happen to your accounts!

How can Luna write my copy?

As you are probably familiar with, copy is the most important part of cold outreach. Before reaching out to a lead, Luna's scrapes the website and LinkedIn profile, as input for the connection message/email. Using this input, we have every piece of information we need to write a personal message and increase conversion rates significantly.

Luna uses the scraped information as input for a NLP algorithm. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, meaning an AI algorithm that we specifically trained for sales interactions. Using AI, we can write personalized messages. This way, we make sure that every single outreach you do is unique!

Are there any required third party software tools?

Many automation tools require extra software licenses. For example Sales Navigator or data-enrichment tools like and DropContact. Luna doesn't require anything other than Luna. Everything you need to give your sales a boost, we've built into Luna.

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Let your sales reps act as ambassadors. Luna does the simple but time-intensive work, all they have to do is close the deal. Go through the onboarding in 3 minutes and experience Luna's magic yourself.

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